Sales Dashboard

Get a grip on your sales operations with our dashboard software!

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Your job will be far more easier if you don’t have to juggle between multiple screens to stay on top of the sales cycle. Offering such an inspiring user experience is the very foundation of ClinchPad. No matter how complicated your sales process is, how many people you employ or how many pipelines and products you have, we guarantee you that you’ll be more informed about your business than ever before.

Sales Team Productivity

Operations Dashboard

Irrespective of the number of sales pipeline stages, the number of customers in each stage, the team member in charge, files shared, tasks assigned, deal size - you’ll never find a better sales dashboard software that offers so much actionable information in a single screen.

Track Daily Activities

We believe in keeping the number of clicks low when it comes to tracking and managing sales pipelines. Dedicating a page to track the activities of the sales team is the result of this obsession of ours. Daily activity snapshots summarize all the activities of the entire day. You don’t have to wait on those end of day email updates from the team!

Sales Team Management

Sales Team Notification

Search the Sales Funnel

Do you find yourselves sifting through spreadsheets to find the information about your leads? It’s time you invested that time in engaging with those prospects and convince them to be your customers. With our powerful filters, you can save a ton of time finding the exact deal you are looking for even when your sales funnel is fully topped up!